T-Giving ( a little late I know)

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. No not just because of the food...though that is a good perk. No the main reasons is that it kicks off the season of Advent (meaning coming) and the preparation of the birth of Jesus.

It is a season to reflect, prepare and BE THANKFUL. So glad we have a pegan holiday of food, booze, and football to kick it off right. Although I was in Jacksonville for the holiday, I am grateful for my friends who took me in for such a great holiday....

1977 Chapel Hill Commune Thanksgiving (looks fun huh?)

me and momacita at a friends Thanksgiving last year

wedding bells: NOLA style

while it seems someone is always getting married I was so blessed to witness my friend Madi (I call her Mad) tie the knot with the man of her dreams last weekend. It was a wonderful night and getting to be with my friends back in New Orleans was just too good to be true. After this weekend I am so looking forward to our reunion in NYC!
it all started as single girls at Mardi Gras spring of 2009

me and my Mad at the rehearsal dinner

on the streets of NOLA

beautiful bride....



ok so Ive been bad about this blog thing. Not like I have tons of interest in it or anything, but I went to Nashville a couple weeks ago and couldn't have needed anything more. The week of seeing old friends, going out, and hanging out with family was just what I needed to get ready for fall here in Jacksonville. Here are some pics from the week....

paparazzi at outdoor yoga

laughing/blowing out my bday candles...thanks Krista

seester and her bf came out to whiskey kitchen

familia sending me back to jax

BELIZE it...

yea so this one time I took my youth kids to Belize. It was a combination of incredible experiences, challenges, opportunities and growth (and that's just my own take on it)...I am so grateful to be able to live out my passions as my 'career' or whatever the adult term for that is. Aside from my dabble with death, I was deeply humbled and got to see my youth grow in a whole new way. I had nothing to do with that but I was able to live with these youth during that two weeks and for that I am eternally grateful. They (and HE) taught me so much during that brief time.


Something about kids always makes me want to make funny faces. Maybe its because they like it so much. Probably because I like it so much. Sometimes I don't even know I'm doing it. Natural reaction.
ATL was the perfect weekend getaway to break up my crazy new life in Jacksonville.
Nothing is more refreshing than being with family and friends. And the babini. Cannot believe they are three.
Happy Birthday to my Goddaughter (Isabella) and her twin Gabriella.

Some pics from the weekend (you will understand why funny faces were mentioned)

Isa never looks right at the camera. True life.

Haven't seen her since Christmas. Stupid Sewanee

Midge in the middle. They always crouch.

friday night...

So I somehow got suckered into doing a lock-in at the church this past friday night. While most of my high school kids are out of the country right now, I did luck out on 15 middle schooler’s showing up ready to stay up all night. Between playing manhunt, watching movies on the wall, making waffles at midnight, walking to Dunkin Donuts, and ending with communion in the church, there was about an hour people actually slept. A big factor in that is because the majority of the kids there were middle school boys. Awesome. Even though I’ve felt like a zombie this week from going out and running Vacation Bible School (yea bad planning on my part) I would gladly do it again. Which is good because there are already tons of requests for another one.

Here are some pics from the night/morning.

Yes I am letting a 13 yr old boy handle my iPad. Scary I know.
Always entertaining...
Communion early morning saturday

I suck at this....

So work has been so out of control I have had no time to breathe let alone write on my blog. No worries I have found time to be in weddings, go graduations, concerts, the beach, art walks, and have porch time with my great guy neighbors.

One of the incredible parts of my job (there is so many) is to design and be the project director of our new youth space The Attic. It started out two months ago as three rooms and is now a beautiful restored room. It took a lot of work with the contractor and various workers but was well worth the headache. The youth love it and I have to say it turned out better than I had envisioned in my head. Now maybe I can focus more on having a life this summer. Just a thought.

It Is Finished.

ok ok. so im not a super emotional girl, but weirdly my favorite season in the church is Lent (something about Jesus' journey in the desert always connects with me). So you can now guess my favorite service of the year (yes including Christmas and Easter) is Good Friday noon service.

There is something so personal, so shameful, and so painful about Jesus' death that resounds in my bones. Singing "Were You There" still brings me to tears and is the only day I allow myself to cry and not feel bad about it. Im not talking about sobbing uncontrollably, just small, quiet tears for Gods eyes only.

As I walk around in my black dress with a heavy heart, I keep this message from the service in my mind:

"Our Heavenly Father sent his Son into the world, not to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved"- The Book of Common Prayer

Haiti on my mind....

Ever since the devastation that has hit Haiti I cannot get the little country out of my mind. Seriously all day yesterday I had the worst headache and could not figure out what was so wrong. It was only after my bible study with Caroline that I realized it was my body (and probably God) reminding me of the pain Haiti was feeling. That no matter how hard I tried to focus on my day and work that it was still on my heart.

I encourage everyone to really pray for Haiti right now and if you want to help go to World Vision's web page. I have been working with this non profit since middle school and it is truly changes lives. Weather you want to sponsor a child in Haiti or give a gift to the emergency response aid it would be huge for this small country.

That is all, I haven't really been able to think about anything else....

new year, new life....

2010 really snuck up on me this year. I guess because I was jumped into work and all the Christmas parties and new-ness that entailed. I went to ATL for Christmas like I have done my whole life where I got Jolene, my new jeep, and then before I knew it NYE was days away....

Being new to the city I counted on my friend Gracie to let me tag along with her. Had a great time...but it still hasn't hit me yet that its 2010. How do you even abbreviate that? '10 I guess.....weird. Sorry Im rambling.

Ok there has been so many new things this past month ( new city, jeep, job, friends, guys, haircut, yoga studio, etc.) I stopped to reflect back on what Im grateful for. I did this with my childrens chapel group on Sunday. I had them draw blessings from 2009. I got everything from family, friends, stars, new toys, to hot dogs. Gotta love the stuff kids come up with.

The list is really long but here are some top things Im thankeful for from 2009....

-my family for helping me with big girl things from getting my new jeep to how to shop around for insurance as well as calling to check up on me

-my friends for being so encouraging of my move (especially my brides Catherine and Anna who know I wont be able to make every shower)

-the Bartons for making me feel at home in Jacksonville

-Honduras 2009....the most incredible experience of my adult life and the reason I am plannig Belize 2010 for my youth

-my teachers and advisors who without them I wouldn't have graduated.....seriously it was close guys. Convos almost didn't add up....

-Hilton Head Island for giving me peace and reflection after the craziest semester of my life

-Sewanee rugby for being the perfect atmosphere to get an interview offer

-and the countless tue, thur, fri, and sat nights with good friends in bham, atl, HHI, nashville, and now jacksonville


my only hope is that 2010 can be filled with even more surprises...

after all you have your whole life to be boring.