T-Giving ( a little late I know)

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. No not just because of the food...though that is a good perk. No the main reasons is that it kicks off the season of Advent (meaning coming) and the preparation of the birth of Jesus.

It is a season to reflect, prepare and BE THANKFUL. So glad we have a pegan holiday of food, booze, and football to kick it off right. Although I was in Jacksonville for the holiday, I am grateful for my friends who took me in for such a great holiday....

1977 Chapel Hill Commune Thanksgiving (looks fun huh?)

me and momacita at a friends Thanksgiving last year

wedding bells: NOLA style

while it seems someone is always getting married I was so blessed to witness my friend Madi (I call her Mad) tie the knot with the man of her dreams last weekend. It was a wonderful night and getting to be with my friends back in New Orleans was just too good to be true. After this weekend I am so looking forward to our reunion in NYC!
it all started as single girls at Mardi Gras spring of 2009

me and my Mad at the rehearsal dinner

on the streets of NOLA

beautiful bride....