full circle...

so if you know me at all you know I'm obsessed with circles. I am always wearing one (and recently permanently) because I truly believe that everything in life is cyclical. Not only does it symbolize Gods eternal love for us, but as my friend Skip pointed out: universal religion. Wow what a concept. Rob Bell, a popular emerging church paster, has recently been criticized by some evangelicals for his new book Love Wins.

why you say? Apparently Rob doesn't feel that we know or have any right to say where people will be after death. Right on man. Right on. Who knew that was such a blasphemous thing to say. I personally have preordered the book and cannot wait to dive in.

So why on this circle thing? Well as Ive been refecting in Lent (known as a season for refection, desciplin, and quite time), I realize there are so many things I am experiencing not for the first time. The big one. World Visions 30 hour Famine.

In middle and high school I participated in the famine year after year, and now as a youth director am running my first famine with six other Episcopal churches. To be able to reflect back on what I felt as a youth and try to foster that in my own youth group is incredible. I am so excited to fast along with them March 25-25 and raise money for Haiti (you know that little nation that is still experiencing so much suffering). My youth have already raised hundreds of dollars and I couldnt be more proud. To find out more go to http://www.30hourfamine.org/