Catching up on

ok so after a little fun I got to have even more fun with my youth kids spent at a week of camp at Camp Weed (its not what you think-i swear) in Live Oak, FL (don't worry its in the middle of nowhere)...after camp I backed up my awesome middle schoolars and joined two other churches to work in Raleigh, NC. It was a week of serving, fellowship, and just plain FUN. We had such a great time in our pit stop to Charlotte for the weekend on the way back. 

Who said work cant be fun?

cross in the middle of our field at camp

my daily walk to camp from my cabin

the whole group at the end of the week in Raleigh

mosaic alter at the cathedral we crashed at downtown Charlotte, NC

the 3 best youth leaders around...

catching up...summer pt. 1

with all my youth starting back this week (good luck out there guys) I've been getting ready to get back into the swing of things. But before I throw myself into fall I want to reflect back on the busiest, craziest, hardest summer I've had yet. Trip #1 Bonnaroo and then home to Nashville for a DEAR friend Krista Hoods Wedding... 

1. Bonnaroo: 
 "woodstock of the South"
(local art on the wall)

(planet roo a tradition)
(BGA high school reunion)

2. Nashville. Dear Krista who I have been best of friends since I was 15 tied the knot with her Auburn beau Daniel.

(with the lovely bride in the elephant room)
photo by Katie Painter