friday night...

So I somehow got suckered into doing a lock-in at the church this past friday night. While most of my high school kids are out of the country right now, I did luck out on 15 middle schooler’s showing up ready to stay up all night. Between playing manhunt, watching movies on the wall, making waffles at midnight, walking to Dunkin Donuts, and ending with communion in the church, there was about an hour people actually slept. A big factor in that is because the majority of the kids there were middle school boys. Awesome. Even though I’ve felt like a zombie this week from going out and running Vacation Bible School (yea bad planning on my part) I would gladly do it again. Which is good because there are already tons of requests for another one.

Here are some pics from the night/morning.

Yes I am letting a 13 yr old boy handle my iPad. Scary I know.
Always entertaining...
Communion early morning saturday

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