new year, new life....

2010 really snuck up on me this year. I guess because I was jumped into work and all the Christmas parties and new-ness that entailed. I went to ATL for Christmas like I have done my whole life where I got Jolene, my new jeep, and then before I knew it NYE was days away....

Being new to the city I counted on my friend Gracie to let me tag along with her. Had a great time...but it still hasn't hit me yet that its 2010. How do you even abbreviate that? '10 I guess.....weird. Sorry Im rambling.

Ok there has been so many new things this past month ( new city, jeep, job, friends, guys, haircut, yoga studio, etc.) I stopped to reflect back on what Im grateful for. I did this with my childrens chapel group on Sunday. I had them draw blessings from 2009. I got everything from family, friends, stars, new toys, to hot dogs. Gotta love the stuff kids come up with.

The list is really long but here are some top things Im thankeful for from 2009....

-my family for helping me with big girl things from getting my new jeep to how to shop around for insurance as well as calling to check up on me

-my friends for being so encouraging of my move (especially my brides Catherine and Anna who know I wont be able to make every shower)

-the Bartons for making me feel at home in Jacksonville

-Honduras 2009....the most incredible experience of my adult life and the reason I am plannig Belize 2010 for my youth

-my teachers and advisors who without them I wouldn't have graduated.....seriously it was close guys. Convos almost didn't add up....

-Hilton Head Island for giving me peace and reflection after the craziest semester of my life

-Sewanee rugby for being the perfect atmosphere to get an interview offer

-and the countless tue, thur, fri, and sat nights with good friends in bham, atl, HHI, nashville, and now jacksonville


my only hope is that 2010 can be filled with even more surprises...

after all you have your whole life to be boring.

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